Get your appliances running like new again

Ask Expert Appliance Repair about the piece you need

You shouldn’t have to replace your refrigerator if only a single part malfunctions. Expert Appliance Repair can provide a replacement part for your kitchen, laundry or HVAC appliance. We also sell specialized appliance cleaning supplies.

We’ll help you choose from a wide variety of parts, including:

Refrigerator water lines
Refrigerator filters
Washing machine filters
Washing machine hoses
Condenser coils

We can deliver and install these parts as well, so you won’t have to go out of your way to fix your appliance. Call 402-320-4435 now to discuss your appliance issue with a local professional.

Need an appliance part ASAP?

In an emergency, you can arrange to pick up an appliance part at our shop or have it delivered to your property at any time. We understand how difficult dealing with an emergency can be, and we want to help. You can even hire us to install the new part or perform repairs.

Contact us right away to choose from our available appliance parts.