Smart Homeowners’ Checklist in Dealing With Broken Appliances

Apr 24, 2020 | Home Appliance Repair

Are you worried about the condition of your appliance? In situations like this, the first thing that might come into your mind is hiring a home appliance repair specialist. It’s indeed cheaper compared to buying new appliances in the store. Unfortunately, before you proceed to this option, watch out for various factors. Hiring a professional isn’t necessarily a good option, and even experts can agree to that. Here are the only times when you should avoid working with one:

Age of the Appliance
All things age and deteriorate, and your appliances aren’t an exemption. It won’t be easy to accept the reality, especially if you’re going to consider the amount of money you’ve spent during your purchase. Before you give up, though, check the lifespan of your appliance. It’s usually written on the manufacturer’s manual that comes on its box. If you’ve lost it, you can just research the model on the internet or call a representative to know about the item’s lifespan.

Usually, appliances can last up to 10 years. Sometimes, 20 years. If you like to know if the item is still usable after the repair, why don’t you check your electricity bill? Old appliances like refrigerators are expected to consume a lot of electricity to keep it old parts running. This is the most obvious sign that you’ll need a new one.

Cost of the Repair
How much the home appliance repair would cost? Would it cost more than the price of new appliances on the market? Old and limited edition technological items might be subject to it. Since many manufacturers stop producing spare parts for the items, conducting the repair can be very challenging. You need to be extremely resourceful. Even if you find some parts, their rarity will cost your bill to skyrocket. At times like this, ponder if it’s still worth to go on.

Before you get a home appliance repair, find out if your product comes with a warranty. You can consult the retail store where you’ve bought the item or you can contact your manufacturer. Sometimes, both stakeholders may give you a warranty. Their coverage varies, though. If you’re lucky enough, one of them might be able to give you a long-term warranty.

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